March 21: Poetry Slam “me/she/her - what matters”

21.03.2024 - Image gallery

On the occasion of the International Poetry Day 2024, the German Embassy along with the Embassy of Ireland, the European Union Delegation to Sierra Leone and Haus of Salone jointly invited to a special poetry slam night on the topic:

“me/she/her - what matters”

We proudly present a special poem that was jointly created with artists from Sierra Leone, Ireland, and Germany:


I am she, who has been down
I am she, who has been heavily
Carrying the weight of the world
On my fragile but strong shoulders
Despite the challenges of being
Heavy laden
Still I rise, not compensated
I am her.

I laugh, I play, I dance, I sing
But that‘s all you see and think
Inside, I am more than you see
Incredible, resilient like waves
In the sea
I am her.

I am her, I came from her womb
Swimming within an pool of water
I can‘t afford to pay back
I just want to be her
Yes indeed, I am her.

I am a woman of valore,
Of strength, resilience, and honour
I have carried nations on my hip
I have the power of command
On my hips.
I am her.

Thanks to the poetry artists:
Kiya Maria, Matthew Alhassan, Milton Kanu, Brima Abdulai Sheriff, Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi, David Hynes, Annie Peter

March 21: Poetry Slam “me/she/her - what matters”

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