People in Asore Kebele/Ethiopia filling canisters with water; the water point project is supported by UNICEF

People in Asore Kebele/Ethiopia filling canisters with water; the water point project is supported by UNICEF, © dpa/picture alliance

16.02.2022 - Article

Micro development projects of the German Embassy Freetown

The program of Micro projects of the German Embassy provides funds to beneficiaries in Sierra Leone under the aspect of social, humanitarian and charitable assistance. Its focus is on underprivileged groups in the society.

Funding can be solicited for every project at any location in the country, with the aim of sustainably improving the (essential) living conditions of a group or communities.

 This can be the promotion of a producer’s cooperative, financing the rehabilitation of a primary school, of a health post (trained, state enrolled and state registered nurses proven of community ownership, and sustainability) and other similar small-scale projects directed at income-generation, assistance to a vocational training center, the provision of learning materials, improving general infrastructure, construction of water-wells, solar energy, rehabilitation of a feeder road, building of a culver bridge, and promotion of marginalized women or youth groups.

Micro projects do not form part of current projects of development cooperation; they are independent projects funded from their initial stage to final completion. The allocation in general must not exceed the equivalent of 150 Mio. SLL, proposals with a smaller budget are welcome. The beneficiaries cannot claim further payments from the fund after the project has been completed. Costs for personnel (except skilled workers) as well as “overhead charges” cannot be funded.

A specific, measurable, achievable, realistic share of the target group (beneficiary population) is necessary, and therefore required.

Salaries, conferences, travel and related costs, workshops, and direct microcredit programs cannot be financed by the Embassy.  The Embassy does not co-finance a project or sets of projects, irrespective of the nature and suitability of the project objectives listed.

Funding request should be titled “Request for Funding” should be forwarded with relevant and complete documents to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany at 3 Middle Hill Station, Freetown.

All operational costs have to be documented by conclusive receipts. Property rights (in case of rented buildings) have to be established. The implementation of the project should be completed within a period of three (3) to four (4) months or, at the latest, before the end of December of the current year.  The presentation of a detailed final report (with photos) together with a proof of employments of funds and the original invoices and receipts is compulsory.

Further information can be obtained by the Embassy through E-Mail.

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